Neutropics, Smart Drugs, Life extension. 

Barbed wire is Cool!

Imagine the ability to increase you body's resistance to aging and damage.  Imagine revving up the storage capacity of your brain.  Imagine developing a near photographic memory with just the pop of a pill.  Science fiction?  No.  Neutropics.

Let me begin this with a disclaimer.  I have not tested a lot of this.  I have read about it.  DO NOT do this without the advice of your physician.  YOU assume all risks if you choose to experiment with this stuff, all I am doing is talking about it. I am not a doctor/scientist. 'nuff said.

Barbed wire is Cool!



PIRACITAM                         HYDERGYNE          

VASSOPRESSIN                 ARCALION                     

CAFFEINE                                 VINPOCETINE

Barbed wire is Cool!


Well, ok, here's the scoop.  MOST neutropic drugs are not FDA approved for various reasons.  HOWEVER, Mondo 2000 reports that that does not mean you cannot purchase them, it simply means they cannot sell them in the USA.  So... You have to find sources to import from.  PLEASE do NOT take my word for the fact that this is not illegal.  Check it out first, I could be wrong.

  1. Many chemical "Smart Drugs" are available from a  company called NUBRAIN.  To the best of my knowledge, They will ship to the US.   I have ordered from them in the past with no hassles.

  2. GHR 15 is available from  the company who created it, LOGAN ENTERPRISES.  About 80 bucks a bottle, but the more you buy, the cheaper it gets.  This one is ok for the US.  

  3. Caffeine is available in a multitude of formulas, from Pills, to softdrinks.  Check out my favorite:


Brainwash is a special blend of Caffeine, herbs, and jalapenos. Yum yum.  Its bright blue, and it will dye your Fecal matter to match it.  The flavor is something that takes some getting used to, but it's pretty good once you do.

Barbed wire is Cool!

I highly recommend checking out sources on the net for Neutropics and life extension.  But pick up a copy of the book, MONDO 2000: A users guide to the new edge.  Not only is it a bad ass book on cyberpunk culture, there is an excellent section on smart drugs as well.

The key thing here, is DO YOUR HOMEWORK.  This is meant to be a guide to spark some interest, and NOT designed to teach you all about smart drugs.  So, look into this stuff for yourself.  And Yes, I will update and change this section.  Come back often. 

Barbed wire is Cool!