3D CAD Crime/Crash Scene Reconstruction for Law Enforcement using CADKEY 97®  From this.....To this.......                    2D Sketch                                    3D Model
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A 40 hour class on 3D Crime/Crash Scene Reconstruction is being offered by 
Mobile Team In-service Training Unit #3
Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board
North East Multi Regional Training NEMRT  Experienced Law Enforcement investigators will learn how to use this cutting edge technology to produce accurate three-dimensional models of actual crime scenes in an intensive forty-hour course.  Included in the tuition is CADKEY 97® software (an $1195.00 value)
Five days of CAD training can run from $1,000 to $1,500+, excluding software, this course is offered at a very substantial savings due to our corporate sponsors who believe that our law enforcement personnel deserve to have the very best investigative tools.
Cost of course including software is $***.
Cost of course including software for NEMRT members is $***.
*Dates, Location, and Tuition Costs are pending.
  For more information on the course, please contact: Sarah Cole at NEMRT 708 896 8860 or paulb@mc.net