Sturgis, MI Depot, May 1998
The east-west rail line through Sturgis dates back to the very beginning of Michigan's railroad era. Rails were laid through Sturgis in about 1850 by the Michigan Southern. Over the next 25 years, the Michigan Southern was in competition with the Michigan Central. Both railroads reached Chicago in 1852. Later both competed in completing branch lines to southern Michigan cities not on their main lines. Once the systems were established, competion in rates and service was a good thing for the people of Michigan. All this ended in 1876 when the New York Central took control of the Michigan Southern by stock purchases. The line through Sturgis became a secondary line. Passenger service ended in 1956. Eventually, Conrail sold the line to local owners. It is now operated as a short line known as the Michigan Southern.

The history of the depot itself, is unknown to me at this time.

Street Side
October 1998
Louis Van Winkle
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