Streetside, Springport Depot

The railroad through Springport was built in 1873 by the Northern Central Michigan Railroad Company. Their tracks ran from Jonesville, and a connection to the Michigan Southern mainline, to the state capital, Lansing. Upon completion, the road was taken over by the Michigan Southern. The map below clearly shows the Michigan Southern mainline, running from Monroe to White Pigeon, and the branch running to Lansing.

Lakeshore & Michigan Southern Timetable of 1896 Tracks through Springport were operated as the Lakeshore's Lansing Branch. Trains ran from North Lansing to a connection to the main line in Hillsdale, where passenges could transfer to trains to Chicago or Toledo. The 1896 LS & MS timetable shows 6 trains a day through Springport. Trains 464 & 465 were wayfreights, one running each direction. Train 467 was the morning train to Lansing. Train 442 was a morning train to Hillsdale. Train 455 was the afternoon train to Lansing. Train 466 was an early evening train to Hillsdale.

Track Side, Springport Depot

During the 1920's traffic on the Lansing branch dropped dramatically. In 1930, one pair of the passenger trains were dropped. A few years later, it too was dropped and the only passenger service was a mixed train. In 1940 the Lansing branch was abandoned as a through route. Tracks were removed between Springport and Lansing. In 1969 tracks south of Springport were removed, and cut back to Albion.

The depot was restored as a community project.

Postcard View of Springport Depot
Postcard View of Springport Depot

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