Replica of New Buffalo depot
New Buffalo, MI; Oct. 10 1998

Tracks of the present CSX railroad through New Buffalo were originally laid by the Chicago & Michigan Lake Shore railroad, built in 1869 to connect New Buffalo and St. Joseph. This line later became part of the Pere Marquette main line connecting Detroit and Chicago. New Buffalo was the last PM railroad yard on home rails for trains making the run to Chicago. During the steam era, it became quite a large complex, complete with a 16 stall roundhouse, watertowers and two coaling towers; one on the service tracks and one over the mainline.

New Buffalo is a stop on Amtrak's "Pere Marquette", but the old depot is long gone. The depot shown here is a replica of the old depot and is home to the Harbor County chamber of commerce and the New Buffalo railroad museum. Three stalls of the roundhouse remain, in use as a gym. The steam engine shown in the photo above, a 1935, 2' gauge Henschel, was on loan from the Heston(IN) Steam Association. It has since been removed.

East Side/Freightroom End
East side/north end

West Side/Waiting Room End
West side/south end

Roundhouse, just south of depot
North end of roundhouse

South End of roundhouse, Turntable; November 1998
South side of roundhouse. Turntable has been covered over
or removed since this picture was taken.

For more on New Buffalo and its depot museum, see
New Buffalo, and follow link to Museums

November 1998, Updated August 2003
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