VIA and Amtrak Engines at Lawton, 1998

Rails through Lawton were laid by the Michigan Central Railroad in 1848, as the railroad built west from Kalamazoo toward Lake Michigan. In 1849 trains began running into New Buffalo. Terms of the railroad's charter were fulfilled and a rail line now spanned the lower peninsula.

The station was built by the Michigan Central, probably replacing an earlier structure. The tracks west of Kalamazoo are now owned by Amtrak. Lawton is no longer a stop, but sees eight Amtrak trains a day pass by. The well maintained building appears to be owned by the local VFW, with part of the building rented as commercial space. The pole barn east of the station is an Amtrak track maintence facility.

There is a twin to this depot in Standish, MI, on the old Michigan Central line from Bay City to Mackinaw City.
Photo by William McFadden.
Used with permission.

StreetSide, Lawton Michigan Depot
Street Side

West End/Track Side, Lawton Depot

Track Side, Lawton Depot

Postcard from 1909 shows train approaching Lawton.

Scan by Mark Worrall.
Used with permission.

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