Former Michigan Central Depot, Track Side

The route running north-south through Lapeer was built by the Detroit & Bay City Railroad in 1873. In 1881 the D&BC was leased for life to the Michigan Central. Traffic was fairly heavy on the line at one time. The 1938 Michigan Central timetable lists four passenger trains a day stopping in Lapeer.

The plans for creating Conrail out of the bankrupt Penn Central did not include the former New York Central line from Detroit to Bay City. Operations stopped in March of 1976. Tracks through Lapeer were removed in 1978. Part of this route farther north, from Millington, to Munger is still in use. It is operated by the Huron and Eastern, part of the RailAmerica shortline empire.

The depot is built of brick with cut stone trim and a tile roof; a durable and attractive design typical of other Michigan Central depots. This particular example was built in 1905.

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