Trackside, Kalamazoo MC Depot
Kalamazoo, MI Amtrak Station, December 1998

Kalamazoo's Amtrak station was designed by Cyrus Eidlitz and built by the Michigan Central Railroad in 1887. It was constructed of  brick and red sandstone in the Romanesque style, with a red tile roof. As originally built, the station had three separate buildings, connected only by covered walkways,  not the brick walls seen today.The main building, 73' x 40',  had separate men's and woman's waiting rooms, a ladies toilet, a ticket office, and a conductors room on the second floor. There was a port cochere (covered carriageway) on the street side of the main building. The smaller building to the west, 19' x 36', was for the mens toilet and a battery storage room. The east building, which was the same size, had a telegraph room on the track side and a baggage room at the rear.

In the early 1970's The city of Kalamazoo bought the depot from Penn Central and adapted the building to serve as a bus/train station. At about the same time, Amtrak bought the tracks from Kalamazoo, westward to Porter, IN.

Streetside, Kalamazoo MC Station
Street side, now a bus station.

Waiting Room

Trackside Bay Window

Another interesting railroad building is located just east of the station. BO tower was built to control the crossing of the Michigan Central by the Grand Rapids and Indiana and the old Lake Shore and Michigan Southern tracks. The tower is still open 24 hours a day seven days a week.

BO Tower and Conrail Freight
Conrail freight, northbound, turns off old LS&MS track onto Conrail, headed east.

Old Postcard View of Kalamazoo Depot
Old postcard view showing trackside and west end.

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