Grant, MI Depot and Watertower; 1998
Tracks through Grant were built by the Grand Rapids, Newaygo & Lake Shore Railroad in 1872. The Grant depot, and its water tower, were built in 1891 by the Chicago and West Michigan Railway Co. Within a few years, this railroad became part of the Pere Marquette System. In the early part of this century, Grant shipped a lot of produce by rail. In 1915, 10 to 12 cars of peaches a day were shipped. In the 1930's carloads of onions were shipped out. As late as 1940, there were still 2 passenger trains each way, every day running between Grand Rapids and Traverse City. The last passenger train ran in 1963.

In 1979 the depot was leased and rebuilt to serve as a resturant. The agents office and waiting room became a dining room. The kitchen is in the freight section. An addition to the east side serves as an additional dining room.

An old wooden water tower stands just south of the depot. It is said to be the last wooden railroad water tower in the state. For years it was used to fill fire department tank trucks. In the summer of 1999 it was out of service, probably due to leaks. The city has a $20,000 grant to restore the water tower. It will still be used by the fire department. There is also has a freshly painted but unlettered caboose on the property.

Street Side/North End
September 1999
Louis Van Winkle

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