Dryden, Michigan depot; photo by Alan Loftis, 2002.

The railroad through Dryden was built by the Pontiac, Oxford and Port Austin Railroad. Their line was completed in October 1883 between Pontiac and Caseville, to serve the thumb area's lumber industry. In 1889 the railroad was reorganized as the Pontiac, Oxford and Northern. In 1910 the Grand Trunk took control.

Regular passenger service lasted only until 1932. A mixed train ran until 1955. The line was abandoned in the 1970's.

The Dryden depot was used by the railroad until October 9, 1973. It was moved to a different location in Dryden in 1979, and two years later, opened as a museum. This depot is very similar to another PO&N-built depot in Kingston.

Waiting Room End; Photo by Alan Loftis, 2002.

Old Postcard view of Dryden depot.

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December 2002
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