Columbiaville, MI Depot, September 1998; Photo by James Woon

The Columbiaville depot was built by the lumber millionaire, William Peter in 1893. The building was designed by the firm of Shepley, Rutan & Coolidge. This firm continued the works of the renowned architect Henry Hobson Richardson after his death.

The depot was turned over to the Detroit-Bay City Railroad Company, part of the Michigan Central, in hopes that the attractive, new depot would further Peter's many businesses in the area. It is a very elaborate design in the Romanesque and Queen Anne styles popular at the time. Brick walls are trimmed with cut stone and terra cotta tiles. Arched window and door openings have leaded glass.The hip roof is a very complex design and has small gables above the doors.

The depot has the same roof lines, and trim very similar to a later Michigan Central depot, in Three Oaks Michigan.

Passenger service ended in 1964. Tracks have since been removed. The depot is now used by the Columbiaville Rotary Club.

North End, September 1998; Photo by James Woon

Track Side, August 2002; Photo by Lou Van Winkle

For more detailed information, see the Michigan Historical Center's page on the Columbiaville depot.

September 1998, Updated November 2002
Louis Van Winkle

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