Track Side/East End; Bloomingdale, MI Depot
East End/Track Side; Photo by Tim Vermande

The Bloomingdale depot was built in 1870 by the Kalamazoo and South Haven Rail Road. In July 1871 this line was leased to the Michigan Central. Bloomingdale was founded as the railroad was being built. The line was abandoned in 1970, and later became the Kal-Haven bike trail.

At one time, this was a fairly busy passenger route. The 1902 MC timetable shows four daily passenger trains, and two daily mixed trains serving Bloomingdale, except on Sunday when there was only one train each way. Passenger service lasted until July 1, 1937, but by then service had been downgraded to a single mixed train each way.

The building is very nicely maintained and open to the public as a museum.

Two other depots from the Kalamazoo-South Haven line are still standing in South Haven, and Lacota.

Street Side/West End; Bloomingdale Depot
West End/Street Side; August 1999

Track Side, Bloomingdale Depot
Track Side

Old Postcard View of Bloomongdale Depot
Old Postcard of the Bloomingdale Depot

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