Street Side, Albion Depot
Michigan Central Depot, Albion, MI, September 1999

Albion is between Jackson and Battle Creek, on the route built by the Michigan Central way back in 1844, when the Michigan Central was still state owned.

The present depot was built in 1882. It is quite an ornate building, with fancy roof brackets, and decorative brick work including bands of brick in contrasting colors.

The depot was open until 1971. It sat closed and neglected until the mid 1980's. A local alliance, aided by grants undertook a restoration of the depot. Work included stripping paint from the exterior walls, rebuilding the chimneys, and replacing the windows with insulated glass. The depot is again open, now as a bus and train station. The old freight station has also been restored, and is open as a sports bar.


Track Side, Albion depot
Track Side

Albion Station Sign

West End, Albion Depot
West End

Postcard of MC Depot

Albion used to have a depot serving the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern line running from Jonesville to Lansing. For more information see Frank Passic's Historical Albion Michigan.


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