Rockwood museum, Track Side, 2002
Rockwood, Michigan depot/museum; 2002
Rockwood museum, 2001
Rockwood, Michigan depot; 2001

Rockwood's Historical Society has built a museum that resembles a 19th-century depot that was torn down in 1972. Architects used historic photographs to design the building. Construction was started in 1998, paid for by a variety of fund raisers, business donations and state grants. The museum is a few hundred yards from the site of the original depot.

LS&MS MAP showing Rockwood Tracks through Rockwood date back to 1856, making it one of the earlier routes in Michigan. The railroad was built by the Detroit, Monroe and Toledo Railroad. It was likely a construction company formed by the Michigan Southern, since upon completion the line was immediately leased to the Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana. (The Michigan Southern operated under this name from 1855 to 1869, when it was merged into the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern).
The original depot was built in 1869, and paid for by local residents who wanted a station for their town. The city's major product at the time was bushel baskets. They were shipped by boxcar to Detroit and Toledo. The depot closed some time in the 1960's and was torn down in 1972.

Rockwood Museum, Street Side
Street Side, 2002.

Rockwood Area Historical Society
Box 68 Rockwood MI 48173

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